Why foreign workers are prefferd in Malaysia, Locals demand balance job opportunities for local people and foreign workers

 Malaysia has seen an increase in the number of foreign immigrants in recent years. More worrying is that some of them entered the country without permission.

Their aim and main attraction to this country is not difficult to understand. Certainly one of them is a strong economic position and the ability to make money in various job sectors that are sometimes unexplored by local residents.

As for the group of white-collar workers, they generally serve in industries such as information technology, finance, and manufacturing. Their competence and skills help stimulate economic growth, attract foreign investment and drive innovation. Many multinational companies set up regional headquarters in Malaysia, bringing the talents of foreign workers together.

There is a group of others whose energy is poured into the construction industry. This includes groups that smuggle into Malaysia. Some are also involved in the 3D sector (dirty, dangerous and difficult) because not many local people want to get involved in that field.

One thing is clear, their presence brings its own challenges. Among them is the pressure on housing. For white-collar workers, their financial ability sees luxury and expensive housing locations in the spotlight. However, for blue-collar workers, they will generally live in low-cost housing that competes with local residents.

In terms of job competition as well, there is concern that many job opportunities are monopolized by foreign workers because of their ability to receive low wages. This is especially true among blue-collar workers. This restricts the opportunities of local people.

In addition, we often hear about the antics of some of these foreign workers who do not know how to respect the local culture. They behave like in the home country and tease the sensitivities of the local people. Things like this are challenges and cause cultural conflicts.

Therefore, while we need their services, especially for foreign workers who enter this country legally, close monitoring must also be carried out. Above all, there must be a balance between the opportunities of local people and foreign workers.

In addition, those who enter the country legally need to learn a little about the local community as a familiarity. At the same time illegal arrival of foreign workers needs to be eradicated.

By Amir Ashraf Suhaimi, UniMAP Alumni

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