Two licensed hawkers who employ foreign workers are subject to compounding

SEREMBAN: Two licensed hawkers who were found to be employing foreign workers were subject to compound action by the Seremban City Council (MBS) Nilai Branch through foreign business operations carried out at Pasar Malam Taman Semarak, Nilai, yesterday.

 MBS Law and Enforcement Department Director, Hanizam Ahmad said, the operation was carried out based on public complaints received about there being many foreign hawkers doing business at the Taman Semarak night market, Nilai.

“In the operation, a total of 26 hawkers were examined and of that number, two licensed hawkers aged around 42 and 56 were charged under UUK Section 6(3) of the MBS Hawkers’ Bylaw for the offense of employing foreign workers.

“From further investigation it was found that the two hawkers in question have each been in business for about 10 years,” he said.

 He said, in addition, four unlicensed hawkers had their businesses confiscated for disobeying the council’s order not to carry out business activities without licenses and restricted areas.

 “In the operation, a total of seven tents, one folding table, 10 mobile phones, and phone accessories were also confiscated,” he said.

 He said, periodic enforcement actions will continue to ensure that peddling activities involving foreigners can be prevented.

Operations that start puku; 6 pm in question was implemented with the strength of 10 law enforcement officers and eight employees of the Licensing Department MBS Nilai Branch.

 The operation was also attended by the Chairman of the Action Committee for Local Government Development, Housing and State Transport, J. Arul Kumar.

 Meanwhile, Arul Kumar said, in the conditions of the hawker’s license it is clearly stated that foreigners cannot do business and licensees cannot employ foreigners in the night market.

 “It is hoped that enforcement actions like this will be carried out periodically to ensure that only interested citizen hawkers will be given priority,” he said.

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