Two employers were fined RM40,000 and RM45,000 for allowing illegal foreigners to stay at their premises

 Two employers were fined RM40,000 and RM45,000 by the Kemayan PATI Sessions Court today after pleading guilty to charges of allowing eight and nine illegal immigrants to stay on their premises respectively.

 The sentence was decided by Judge Ahmad Rizki Abdul Jalil after both of them pleaded guilty to the charges which were read out by the court interpreter.

 Ahmad Rizki also imposed a fine of RM10,000 on 3 PATIs from Bangladesh and one Myanmar, a fine of RM5,000 on two Indonesians, and a fine of RM1,000 on nine Thais and four Bangladeshis for their respective offenses .

 At the same time, a total of 48 Indonesian illegal immigrants, 5 Myanmar nationals, 4 Bangladeshi nationals, as well as one Pakistani and Thai national were sentenced to prison terms of between three and eight months.

 The prosecution was carried out by Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) prosecuting officers Rosemi bin Daud, Anuar Kamal Arifin and Che Afini Zakirawatie Mohamad Subhi.

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