There are indeed many foreigners, but they help the economy of traders

Kota Bharu: Foreigners are allegedly still flooding some locations in the city center when they make it a gathering place including to buy daily necessities.

A survey around the old bus station and Pasar Pokok Pinang, here, found that Bangladeshi and Myanmar citizens came to the location by bus or rental car before each gathered in several locations.

A fruit trader who wants to be known as Noraini, 55, said most of the sales of the traders at that location depend on customers among foreigners.

According to her, they come in small groups of three to five people to buy various items at that location.

“They usually come to spend more than RM100 per person because they like to cook for themselves. So the traders here get more money if they come.

“In my observation, they do not disturb people and are grateful that there are these foreigners who buy our goods,” she said.

The resident, who wants to be known as Azizah, 40, said that as a woman, she must have been afraid to see the influx of foreigners in the city.

“I use the bus almost every week to come to this city to buy kitchen goods. So I was a little worried about their presence, but so far I have never experienced any disturbance,” she said.

However, she hoped the authorities would always monitor to prevent more foreigners from gathering at the location, especially on weekends.

“This follows, every Friday, hundreds of foreigners will come here to shop and if not stopped, it is possible that more people will come to gather at this location,” she said.

Earlier, the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) Kelantan arrested 238 foreigners in a raid in conjunction with Ops Kutip around the city center last week.

The location of the raid also involved the Pinang Market area, the old bus station and around Jalan Dato’ Pati which was allegedly flooded with foreigners thus causing public unrest.

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