The wedding party became a ‘nightmare’, the catering did not show up

JEMPOL: A wedding ceremony that was supposed to take place with joy and meaning on Sunday in Bandar Seri Jempol near here turned into a ‘nightmare’ when the caterer did not show up.

 Following that, the bride’s family allegedly suffered a loss of approximately RM13,000 as a result of being cheated by a catering company and the matter was also shared on Facebook before it went viral.

 The representative of the family who is also the bride’s brother, Burhanuddin Rabbani Abdul Shukor, 31, came forward to apologize to the guests after they had to have a plain meal.

 According to him, after his sister’s marriage ceremony, he went to the ceremony hall to see the preparations, but there was only a dais, no tables and chairs for guests.

 “We have been the victim of fraud by the catering company booked by our sister. We tried calling many times but there was no response. The total number of bookings has been made for 1,000 people. We are dizzy to think.

 “We waited until 9pm (the night before the ceremony) and there was no response, so the nine of us decided to cook ourselves. We were only able to prepare for the estimated 400 guests. That was just chicken curry, sambal belacan, fruit and side dishes  ,” he said.

 He said, the family had to split into several groups to find tables, chairs, large pots and items to cook dishes for his seventh brother’s wedding.

 “So, we spent our sister’s big day in the best possible way, we arranged all the table chairs ourselves, in our sadness we overcome everything with enthusiasm. We are confident that we can do all this.

 “Alhamdulillah yesterday (the event) everything went well even if there was only one side dish. Some came to sponsor apam balik, popcorn, kuih muih. All came and made with love.

 “God is rich, even though the ceremony is over but the side dishes are still there, thankfully everything is enough. Thank you to everyone who attended. God gave us a test according to our abilities. God tests us because God loves us,” he said.

 In the meantime, he said a police report had been made by his sister and the family handed it over to the police for further investigation and hoped that such an incident would not happen to others.

 Meanwhile, Jempol District Police Chief, Superintendent Hoo Chang Hook when contacted confirmed receiving the police report and the case was investigated according to Section 420 of the Penal Code.

 *Original article published in Sinar Harian

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