The trend of Malaysian widows marrying foreigners

A surprising trend has seen more and more Malaysian women, especially from the East Coast states, crossing the border to marry foreigners in southern Thailand.

The Islamic Religious Council of Narathiwat Province stated that 90 percent of them were widowed women who tried to legally marry abroad.

It’s Deputy Chairman, Abdul Aziz Che Mamat revealed the reason behind this cross-border love affair.

“The most common reason is that these women do not get permission from their families to marry foreigners.

“In addition, issues such as the absence of guardians and less strict marriage procedures set by the Thai religious authorities also contribute to this trend,” he said.

According to Aziz, Malaysian women more often look for partners among foreigners from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

“There is no denying that a large number of Malaysian women have traveled to southern Thailand to marry foreigners in recent years,” he added.

The Islamic Religious Council of Narathiwat Province records at least two to three cases every month, with a spike in mixed marriages detected over the past two years.

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