The ‘prostitution’ hotel is again lively with foreigners

Kuala Lumpur: The ‘fishy’ hotel in Jalan Pasar Baharu, Pudu, here which is the focus of prostitution activities for foreigners is back ‘lively’ after being raided by the authorities last week.

A reporter’s survey at the hotel building found that dozens of women believed to be prostitutes were wandering around the first floor of the building looking for customers.

The area is also strictly controlled by ‘jaga water’ who controls customers entering and exiting the premises.

Journalists posing as customers were approached by a Vietnamese woman and offered sex services.

“Hello handsome, we love cheaply, you are Bangla (Bangladeshi citizen) right? RM100 an hour if you want us to go upstairs.

“It can be less, if you want a massage only, it can be only RM50, we will massage you, come on,” said the woman.

The journalist who refused to follow the woman was then scolded by a man. He takes care of all the foreign women in question.

The reporter and photographer then sneaked to the top floor through the stairs on the right side of the building.

The hotel building was clearly smelly, fishy and filled with saliva from foreign customers.

When the survey was conducted, the woman on the sixth floor of the building thought the reporter was a customer and showed the location of their residence.

The complete residence with toilet, kitchen and three bedrooms is believed to be a prostitution room.

Customers who agree to take the offered service will be taken to the fifth to sixth floor.

Last February 8, the police raided the abandoned hotel building which was found to be engaged in prostitution activities and inhabited by illegal immigrants.

The raid succeeded in arresting a total of 229 men and 34 women consisting of local citizens and foreigners from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

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