The Process of Marrying a Malaysian Citizen: Challenges and Requirements of Marriage in Malaysia

Marriages between Malaysian citizens and foreigners are becoming more and more common in Malaysia. For some people, it is a normal thing but not an easy process.

There are many challenges and requirements to go through before and during marriage with a Malaysian citizen.

This article will discuss the process of marrying a Malaysian citizen in Malaysia, including the challenges and requirements that need to be taken into account.

Procedure to marry a Malaysian citizen in Malaysia

First of all, individuals who wish to marry any Malaysian citizen must not be holders of a work permit or PLKS (Temporary Work Visit Permit).

Make sure the individual holds a tourist visa or student visa to allow the individual to marry a citizen in Malaysia

If the foreigner has a student visa or a tourist visa, they can marry a citizen and follow the marriage process and marriage laws in Malaysia. Make sure they have complete and valid documents for the purpose of marriage.

The documents required for a marriage between a Malaysian citizen and a foreigner are:

  1. Copy of Malaysian individual’s identity card and passport
  2. Copy of foreigner’s identity card and passport
  3. Birth certificate of a Malaysian individual
  4. Birth certificate of a foreign individual
  5. Certificate of no onjection to marriage from JPN for Malaysian individual
  6. Certificate of no objection to marriage from the embassy for foreigners
  7. Confirmation letter of death of spouse or divorce for previously married individuals
  8. Letter of permission from the first wife if the foreign spouse is married.

Challenges to be faced with foreign spouses in Malaysia

Although the procedure for marrying a Malaysia citizen in Malaysia seems simple, it is actually not that easy. There are many processes that need to be completed, especially the documents that need to be completed before marrying a Malaysian citizen.

Not to mention if you are a PLKS permit holder. Later we will tell you in another article how the process of getting married abroad, especially for the foreigners who are from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh.

Among the challenges that are often faced at the beginning of marriage is language and cultural differences. Foreigners who want to marry Malaysians may face problems in understanding the local culture and language.

Therefore, before getting married, the individual needs to make an effort to understand Malaysian culture and language better.

In addition, individuals who marry foreigners also need to consider the challenges related to religious differences.

If a Malaysian individual marries a foreigner who has a different religion, they need to consider how to resolve these differences in a harmonious way.

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