The issue of dumping foreigners needs to be taken seriously

 KUALA TERENGGANU: Member of the Central PAS Working Committee, Dr Rosni Adam insisted that the issue of dumping foreigners and traders among them should be taken seriously by the government.

She said, the matter has dragged on until they have a community in this country.

 “Sometimes they are not afraid of the authorities. Not to mention those who do business while in Malaysia, if they want to do business, it is very difficult to get a license and so on.

 “So we hope that action will be taken against foreign traders who are very widespread, so that they make the area seem like their own town,” she stressed.

 The Deputy Head of the Malaysian Muslimat Council also expressed concern about going to places monopolized by foreigners such as Chow Kit.

 According to her, foreigners in Malaysia are not only from Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, even from China.

 She said that the matter requires concerted action from all parties, not only the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Immigration, the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and so on.

 The influx of foreigners into Malaysia caused many social issues, gangsterism in Chow Kit and Pasar Selayang.

 While in Puchong, there is an influx of foreigners from Myanmar who have their own secret society.

 She said, in general, their presence is necessary in some places such as estates.

 But the excessive influx of foreigners caused them to be able to do business until they were able to have their own community.

 “This matter needs to be taken seriously, especially in Kuala Lumpur by DBKL,” she stressed

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