The Gua Musang-Lojing route is closed for all vehicles


 GUA MUSANG – The Lojing-Gua Musang road near Pos Blau here, which was overflowing with water from Sungai Pos Brooke following heavy rain yesterday, is completely closed for all vehicles today.

 The Gua Musang Public Works Department said in a statement that the route was closed for 100 meters after water 2.5 meters deep overflowed onto the road.

 According to him, there is no other alternative route that can be used to go through the road.

 Media yesterday reported that more than 100 vehicles using the Jalan Gua Musang-Lojing near Pos Blau were stranded here after the route was flooded by the Pos Brooke creek following heavy rain.

 In the incident at 6 am, approximately more than 300 users of the road to Cameron Highlands, Pahang or the town of Gua Musang were stranded more than six hours after the road was flooded.

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