The government allowed recruitment of foreign workers in plantation sector

BANGI – The government allows the entry of foreign workers for the plantation sector to meet the needs and demands of about 40,000 workers in the industry.

The Minister of Plantation and Commodities, Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani said, the recruitment of foreign workers will be tightened to ensure that companies and employers comply with the law.

Our survey until December 2023 found that about 40,000 foreign workers are still needed for the plantation sector, so any company involved can send an application to the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM), he said.

“So, we will make sure where the farm is, how big it is including the existing workers. In addition, we have to make sure where they live because we don’t want them to come and live in public areas. The employer must have to provide accommodations for foreign workers.

“We have a benchmark, for example 1.5 hectares of rubber plantations, requiring one worker. This is important, the workers have to know what sector they are coming to Malaysia to work in,” he said at the press conference of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Excellence Awards 2023 here today.

He said, if the foreign workers come to Malaysia, but there is no job, the employer must also pay their wages.

“This is to prevent the country from being accused of human trafficking or forced labor. It is important in avoiding consequential issues that cause our products to be blocked from being exported abroad,” he said.

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