The deadline for hiring foreign workers for the Recalibration Program remains May 31

Putrajaya: The deadline for hiring foreign workers through the Workforce Recalibration Program RTK 2.0, which will end on May 31, has been maintained due to national security factors, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail.

He said the decision was reached collectively by all regulatory agencies under the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) and ministries related to the recalibration program RTK 2.0.

“The KDN focuses on the elements of public safety and order, the Ministry of Human Resources from the aspect of the country’s labor needs, and the Regulatory Agency as the supervisor of each related sector in terms of the projection of foreign labor needs, based on the qualifications of the employment conditions of foreign workers,” he said.

He said this when commenting on media reports regarding the call of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia for the government to reverse the decision to accelerate the deadline for hiring foreign workers, last week.

Saifuddin said the retention of the date allows the government to assess the effectiveness of the initiatives that have been implemented and accurately measure the need for foreign labor in the country.

“It is to help the government before making judgments about the need to open quotas for the employment of foreign workers and to enable the monitoring of the effectiveness of the adjustment measures that have been decided,” he said.

Saifuddin said apart from that, it also gives the government room to explore better governance of foreign workers.

Meanwhile, he said the period for the entry of foreign workers should also be shortened in line with the government’s desire to speed up the entry process of foreign workers to meet the urgent needs of the industry.

“This decision is also expected to prevent the exploitation of foreign workers as reported by various media channels before,” he said.

Regarding the Migrant Repatriation Program, he said as much as RM2.9 million in compound was successfully collected through the process of compound offering and special pass payment throughout the implementation of the program which was carried out from March 1 until yesterday.

He said during that period, a total of 5,983 illegal immigrants had registered and 1,864 had returned to their country of origin.

Saifuddin said Indonesian citizens were the most registered to return to their country of origin with a total of 3,115 people recorded, followed by 846 people from Bangladesh and 700 individuals from India.

Other foreign nationals who also registered to return to their country of origin include those from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

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