The body of a foreigner is floating in Shah Alam Lake

PETALING JAYA: Police found the body of a man floating in Shah Alam Lake at 8.19 this morning.

Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said, the police also found several injurieson the deceasedd’s body.

The initial investigation found that the man did not have an identification document. He was suspected of being a foreign citizen because he did not have a BCG injection in his left shoulder. The deceased was found fully clothed.

“An examination by the Selangor Forensic Department on the deceased’s body found that there were abrasions on the neck on the right and left sides as well as small wounds on the cheeks and nose.

“There are no traces of struggle and other injuries on the body of the deceased that could cause the death,” he said in a statement today.

Commenting further he said, such cases are classified as sudden death (SDR).

The body has also been taken to Shah Alam Hospital for the purpose of an autopsy which will be carried out tomorrow.

Anyone with information is asked to come forward to help with the investigation

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