Kuala Terengganu, 13 January 2024- As a result of the collaboration of the Terengganu State Road Transport Department, JSPT and the Terengganu State Immigration Department, Ops PeWA has been implemented in Kuala Terengganu City Surroundings, and Kuala Nerus for two (2) days on 12 and 13 January 2024.

The ops targeting foreign motorcycle riders and pillion riders involved 46 members of the Terengganu State JPJ, 12 members of the JSPT and 8 members of the Immigration Department.

The objective of this Ops is to crack down on foreign drivers who drive vehicles in Malaysia and do not comply with road rules and laws.

A total of 66 motorbikes were seized in this Ops. Summons notices were also issued to registered owners of vehicles who allowed their vehicles to be driven by foreigners who did not have a valid driving license and expired Motor Vehicle License and insurance. While the inspection by the Terengganu State Immigration Department found 19 cases of illegal immigrants (PATI) and were taken to the immigration depot.

Reminder to registered vehicle owners who allow foreigners to drive without a driver’s license. All the vehicles will be impounded and a summons will be issued in the name of the registered owner for allowing the driver, to drive without a license.

Terengganu State JPJ Director YBrs. Tuan Zulkarnain bin Yasin spent time reviewing the implementation of ops which ended at 12.00 noon today.

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