Ampang: Today, the IPD Ampang Jaya Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division conducted Road Blocks at two different locations and times, namely in the morning on Jalan Pandan Jaya and at night on Jalan Pandan Mewah.

 The purpose of this operation is to detect and take action against road users who do not comply with traffic rules and also instructions from the top leadership to reduce the crime rate in the administrative area of ​​Ampang Jaya District. The results of these two operations as many as 168 summonses have been issued on various  traffic offences. In addition, a total of 32 vehicles were seized under Sec 64(1) APJ 1987 and brought back to the Police Station of the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division for the process of calling the owner for further action.

 In addition, during the operation carried out last night, the Ampang Jaya Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division also arrested a male individual for an offense under SEK 45A (1) APJ 1987, which is driving a motor vehicle with an alcohol concentration exceeding the prescribed limit.

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