Should prostitution centers be available for foreigners? Know the facts here

 Recently, a statement regarding ‘prostitution centers should be available for foreigners’ went viral on social media.

 We at the Federal Territories Mufti’s Office were called to clarify the view.

Citing surah Al-Maidah: “And do not help each other in committing sin (disobedience) and aggression.”

 Yesterday there was an issue about a local artist who expressed his personal views on the need for brothels for foreigners working in Malaysia with the aim of preventing cases of rape against local women.

 This statement can be considered helpful in matters of immorality that is forbidden in Islam.

 Prostitution centers promote adultery which is also a reprehensible act and can cause damage to family institutions and also the country. Allah SWT said: “And do not approach adultery, indeed adultery is an abominable act and an evil path (that brings damage).  ”  (Surah al-Isra’, verse 32)

Islamic Sharia was revealed to protect al-dharuriyyat al-khamsah, that is: religion, life, offspring, wealth and intellect.

 The act of adultery can damage the objective of syariah in preserving a person’s dignity and lineage as well as religion. Prostitution is clearly illegal and the damage that results from it and violates the dignity of women.

 In the context of national legislation, reference can be made to the Women and Girls Protection Act 1973 (Act 106) which prohibits any individual from using women for the purpose of prostitution.

 If found guilty, a person involved may be subject to legal action.

 Islam glorifies women, elevates women to a high position. Even preserve the dignity of women from being defiled.

 In addition, the view involved also contradicts the principle of Civil Malaysia which is RESPECT (A) which means respect is placed above human rights and dignity.

 As Malaysians, it is necessary to live the principles of Rukun Negara which are Politeness and Morality.

 Therefore, the view that says the need for brothels for foreigners working in Malaysia with the aim of preventing cases of rape against local women is a misguided view because it encourages immorality.

 I would like to remind any individual, influencer and anyone else to always be careful in expressing any views, especially when it involves sin and immorality.

 We are concerned that view becomes a reference to other parties so that other problems arise in the community.

 Writer Mufti of the Federal Territory

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