Several illegal foreigners were arrested in an integrated operation

KOTA TINGGI – A camp housing 350 Bangladeshi workers in Bayu Damai Pengerang, here operating without a permit, was raided by the authorities as a result of complaints from residents who were upset with the presence of the group.

 Kota Tinggi District Police Chief, Superintendent Hussin Zamora said, in the integrated operation, he arrested 11 Bangladeshi nationals for staying in the country without a valid passport.

 He said the two-hour operation starting at 11am involved 134 members of the Pengerang Municipal Council (MPP), the Immigration Department, the Manpower Department (JTK) and the Johor National Security Council (MKN).

 “A total of 11 workers were taken to the Johor Bahru Immigration depot for further investigation under Section 6(1) C of the Immigration Act 1959/63.

 “JTK also issued a summons or notice to the accommodation manager under Act 446 because there was no accommodation certificate.

 “The MPP issued a notice under Section 70 (Act 133) for the offense of building without a permit,” he said when met after participating in the operation today.

 According to him, the reason for the influx of Bangladeshis in this district is believed to be because they were promised job opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Pengerang.

 “The police have identified several more camps in Kota Tinggi, particularly Pengerang, which houses 2,600 to 3,000 Bangladeshi nationals who live or transit for work purposes.

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