Sad only to see the roof of the house

 RANTAU PANJANG: “When my husband and I went to see the house, we only saw the roof and the level of sadness only God knows when seeing all the things that cannot be saved.

 My heart is broken. “Only important documents are safe, others are gone.  I’m not the only one, on the contrary, all the almost 60 houses in Kampung Tersang are submerged.

 “Stuck thinking about the fate after this with the flood situation that there may still be another wave after this,”

 Such is the expression of the resident, Suriani Daud, 50, who is currently sheltering in the temporary evacuation center (PPS) of Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Gual To’Deh here.

 She said that when she moved to PPS two weeks ago since the second wave, the water level at that time had not yet entered the house, but this time the flood was very bad as in December last year and last February.

 “Until yesterday, I saw that the water level was still high in the house.  Sad to see all the things in the house, floating.

 “The flood this time was as bad as December last year and it is unimaginable for us to live here after this.

 “This is the third time we have been hit by floods and waves when it was the worst,” she said.

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