Recruitment of foreign workers, Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What sectors are allowed to employ foreign workers?

Answer: The permitted sectors are as follows : –

Agriculture; and
Services :-
Restaurant sub-sector (cooks only);
Washing and Cleaning sub-sector; and
Resort Island sub-sector.

Question 2: What is the levy payment rate for each approved employee?

Answer: The levy payment rate for each approved employee is different according to the sector. After getting approval, the employer must make a levy payment as follows:

Manufacturing sector: RM 1,850
Construction sector: RM 1,850
Farming sector: RM 640
Agriculture sector: RM 640
Service sector : –
Restaurant (chef): RM 1,850
Washing and cleaning : RM 1,850
Island resort: RM 1,850

Question 3 : What is the country of source of foreign workers allowed?

Answer: The source countries allowed for hiring foreign workers are as follows:

Sri Lanka

Question 4 : Are foreign workers from India allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

Answer: Not allowed. Workers from India are only allowed to work in the service sector (restaurants only), the construction sector (high tension cable), the agriculture sector and the plantation sector.

Question 5 : Are male workers from Indonesia allowed to work in the manufacturing sector?

Answer: Not allowed. Male workers from Indonesia are allowed to work in all sectors except the manufacturing sector. While female workers from the country are allowed to work in all sectors.

Question 6 : Are foreign workers allowed to work as cashiers?

Answer: Not allowed. Foreign workers are not allowed to work as frontline workers.

Question 7 : How to apply for a foreign worker employment quota?

Answer: Employers need to make an application to the Ministry of Human Resources online at the link:

Question 8 : What action should be taken if the employer fails to register the ID in the ePLKS system and is asked to consult the OSC, KDN?

Answer: The employer needs to update the information of the employer / employer’s representative using the form

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