Positive response to the Migrant Repatriation Program (Out Pass)

PUTRAJAYA – The Migrant Repatriation Program (OutPass) that started on March 1 received encouraging responses from illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin without being prosecuted.

As of Monday, a total of 1,774 men, women and children have registered in the Migrant Repatriation Program (Out Pass).

Home Affairs Minister, Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said, his side is constantly monitoring the program every day.

The program’s response trend is positive, we also work with several embassies including Indonesia and Nepal that help manage cashless payments for their citizens.

“In fact, the embassy also provides transportation to the Malaysian Immigration Department office. It shows that they help us send their people back to their country of origin,” he said when met by the media in a brief ceremony at his residence, here.

Saifuddin said that foreigners without a valid travel pass or overstaying will only be compounded by RM500 if they want to return to their country of origin through the program.

“Foreigners who misuse travel passes or permits will only be charged a compound of RM300 to return to their country of origin,” he said.

On March 1, PATIs were urged to seize the opportunity to return to their country of origin with the exception of prosecution in court through the Migrant Repatriation Program which started March 1 until December 31.

Saifuddin is reported to have said that illegal aliens who surrender to any Immigration office are only subject to a compound.

After paying the compound, the PATI can leave the country without being prosecuted.

According to him, the program thus reduces the number of illegal immigrants in Malaysia, while balancing the security element and generating returns for the country.

According to Saifuddin, the registration and implementation of the Migrant Repatriation Program (Out Pass) is fully implemented by the Malaysian Immigration Department without involving third parties.

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