Police raided 10 massage parlors in Bukit Bintang

KUALA LUMPUR – The Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department (JSJ) raided 10 massage parlors around Bukit Bintang, here. 81 masseuses and premises caretakers believed to be involved in massage services and immoral activities were arrested.

JSJ Bukit Aman informed that yesterday’s raid which was carried out together with JSJ Kuala Lumpur started from 3pm to midnight involving 11 officers and 44 policemen on reflexology massage premises involving foreigners.

The JSJ arrested 48 women and 21 foreign men as well as two local women believed to be working as massage therapists. 10 managers or caretakers of the premises consisting of four local men and two women and one foreign man and three women were also arrested.

“All the premises were found to have committed the offense of employing foreign women and men without any valid permits. The women were spotted standing in front of the premises door while offering massage services to the public and foreign tourists who passed in front of the premises,” he said when contacted today.

According to JSJ Bukit Aman, further inspection found that the eight massage premises were operating without any valid business license. It was possible that there were foreign female massage workers who were dressed sexy and also offered ‘extra’ massage services to male customers.

Investigation found that the premises operate from 11am to 4am every day and offer foot and body massage packages at a rate of RM60 to RM105 per hour plus certain additional charges depending on customer requests. “Most massage therapists were found not to have any identification documents during the inspection and there were even foreign women who misused social visit passes to work as massage therapists,” he said.

The police also examined 10 customers consisting of a local man and woman and a foreign man.

The operation saw the police also confiscate cash amounting to RM3,979 as well as CCTV footage, WiFi modems, masseur work schedule papers, advertisement leaflets, revenue notebooks, massage oil, towels, tissues and copies of business licenses.

According to JSJ Bukit Aman, all those arrested were investigated in accordance with the Immigration Act and Section 3 (1) of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Licensing, Trade, Business and Industrial Bylaws 2016.

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