Police need to be more cooperative with people, says IGP

 Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain said they instead need to continue to gain confidence and trust from the people in order to ensure that the image of the PDRM is at the top.

 “If you look at a lot of good things that the PDRM did but because of one issue, for example the case in Perak recently (a senior police officer was accused of violating a fifth form student), they continue to punish the PDRM, even though there are many issues that are better done by the members.

 “I also ordered this matter to myself, not to the members and officers only. Be a good officer so that the image of the PDRM is good,” he told reporters after the Negeri Sembilan Contingent’s National Service Medal Awarding Ceremony (PJPN) here today.

 He also emphasized that his party will not hesitate to take action against any member regardless of rank if they commit a case of crime, misbehavior or mismanagement.

 “We will not compromise, in fact we will open an investigation paper for disciplinary action (to those involved). For information, I signed a suspension for the DSP-ranked officer (the officer accused of violating the student) that evening as well,” he said.

 Razarudin also advised all members to take care of their respective careers while ensuring the welfare and harmony of the household.

 “As a human being, when you are married, you must take care of your family and your career, but if you don’t take care of your career, how can you take care of your family,” he said.

 Earlier, a total of 210 officers, retired police and the heirs of retirees in the Negeri Sembilan contingent were awarded PJPN and of that number, 143 retired, former police and officers in the emergency era attended in person to receive medals.

 A total of 12 heirs were present to represent retired or deceased pensioners in addition to a total of 55 police officers still serving also received the same medal.

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