The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) has successfully busted an online gambling syndicate orchestrated by Chinese nationals in a Special Operation conducted on January 4, 2024 around Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and Ampang, Selangor.  The operation started at 4.00 pm involving a team of officers and members of various ranks from the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya. 

 This operation was conducted based on complaints and intelligence conducted by the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya for 2 weeks.  Based on the information obtained, the operation team has been arranged to move to the residential premises and have managed to arrest 1 male Chinese citizen aged 39 who is believed to be the leader of the Syndicate and 8 male Chinese citizens aged between 25 and 39 years old who act as online gambling operators.  A total of 7 people arrested have Social Visit Passes and 2 people have Special Passes that are still valid to be in the country.

 The operation team also detained 5 Malaysian men and 2 Malaysian women aged 19 to 25 who were at the premises for further investigation.

 The operation team confiscated RM18,000.00 in cash, 9 copies of Chinese passports, 11 monitors, 5 computers, 15 laptops, 33 mobile phones, 6 wifi routers and 1 Toyota Alphard vehicle.

 The modus operandi of this syndicate is to do a promotion using the WhatsApp application randomly to customers in Australia, Hong Kong and China and customers who agree to bet will be given a link.  This syndicate is believed to have been operating for 6 months and is able to generate an income of around RM100,000.00 a day and can reach RM3 million a month.  This syndicate is able to rent a luxury condominium with a payment of RM21,000.00 to RM25,000.00 per month with the profit earned.

 All the foreign nationals arrested are suspected of having committed offenses under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966 and the Immigration Regulations 1963 and are detained at the Putrajaya Immigration Depot for further investigation.  While 6 men and 2 women who are local citizens were given Police Bail to help with the investigation.

 The Department will continue to take strict action against any party found to have committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966, the Immigration Regulations 1963 and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling Act 2007 (ATIPSOM).

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