No agents are appointed for Migrant Repatriation Program (Out Pass)

Following the Migrant Repatriation Program which will be implemented from 1 March to 31 December, illegal immigrants are urged to use the opportunity to return to their country of origin voluntarily and meet the conditions set by the Immigration Department (JIM).

It includes having valid travel documents and a flight ticket.

Speaking to media, DG Immigration Datuk Ruslin Jusoh said the government on Jan 31 decided to grant exemption from prosecution and offer a compound to illegal immigrants who surrendered to return to their country of origin for three offences.

The three offenses under the Immigration Act 1959/1963 (Act 155) related to the presence of illegal immigrants in the country are entering or staying in Malaysia without a valid passport or permit. They are offered a compound of RM500, overstaying in Malaysia (RM500) and violating the terms of the pass (RM300).

I call on illegal immigrants to use this opportunity as much as possible, because this is the time to return to their country of origin without prosecution and they have to pay a certain amount of compound fees.

“However, those who are being detained, remanded and charged are not eligible to participate in this program,” he said.

It is estimated that between 300,000 and 400,000 illegal immigrants will join the program.

Commenting further, Ruslin said the documents that illegal immigrants need to bring when dealing at the JIM office are return flight tickets and valid travel documents issued by their country of origin or their respective country’s embassy in Malaysia.

For those who do not have any documents, they need to consult their respective embassies to obtain any documents. JIM will hold an engagement session with foreign embassies such as Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan this week to explain about this program. We expect the cooperation of the embassy regarding Out Pass.

When illegal foreigners come to our office, they have to show their flight ticket within 14 days from the date of surrender to the JIM office.

After the review (and if the documents are complete), we will issue an exit check memo, then the compound must be paid (according to the offense category) and they must leave Malaysia within 14 days,” he said, adding that those under the age of 18 are exempt from paying the compound.

However, he insisted that the compound payment will not involve any cash transaction at all and will only use electronic payment modes either credit card, debit card or Touch ‘n Go e-wallet.

No need to use an agent

Ruslin at the same time reminded that JIM or the Ministry of Home Affairs did not appoint any agents for them to deal with illegal immigrants to facilitate the Out Pass program.

He said, illegal immigrants are also asked to be aware of the movement of any individual who claims to be an agent. No one has the “authority” to deal with the embassy to obtain your documents.

Acknowledging the possibility that illegal immigrants will be afraid to “surrender”, he said Out Pass is indeed a special program for them and there is no need to worry since the process is simple and does not use the services of third parties or agents.

For me, this matter does not need to involve an agent, come to the JIM office yourself.

“I don’t want this concern to make them not want to come out and join this program,” he said.

Asked about the implications of Out Pass for the government, he explained that it brought various positive impacts, especially in terms of national security, as well as reducing the public’s concerns about the influx of foreigners in the country.

He said the existence of illegal immigrants in the country also opens up a space for criminal problems and worse, it makes it difficult for the authorities to track those involved because there is no complete documentation.

“Safety is JIM’s priority … we already know that there are foreigners who have built their own community structures, opened shops and so on.

“In addition, foreigners without these documents also enjoy the same facilities as citizens in terms of subsidies such as cooking oil and petrol. In other words, through the repatriation of migrants, we hope to reduce the leakage figure, thus providing better financial implications,” said Ruslin.

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