Myanmar child pay RM9,000 to enter, work in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR – As young as 12 years old, a Myanmar boy dared to sneak into Malaysia after paying an agent’s wages of RM9,000.

The child, who worked as a sales assistant at the Kuala Lumpur Wholesale Market, was among the foreigners arrested by the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Department through Op Kutip, this morning.

According to the child, he arrived in Malaysia two months ago after his parents helped pay a 4 million (RM9,000) wage to enter and work in the country.

“I came here (Malaysia) two months ago, working to arrange goods in a truck if anyone wants to buy (wet goods). Salary RM40 working from 12 midnight to 6 am.

“I came here through Thailand and entered Perlis. My parents herd goats and cows in the village, they know I am here (in Malaysia),” he said, who did not have an identity document.

Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur Immigration Director Wan Mohammed Saupee Wan Yusoff said a total of 25 members participated in Op Kutip starting at 5.15am before ending at 6.30am.

He said that the operation was carried out following intelligence for a week in addition to information from the public.

“A total of 38 illegal immigrants (PATI) were arrested, consisting of Bangladeshi (two), Indonesian (seven) and Myanmar (26) involving 35 adult men, two women and one boy,” he said.

According to him, all those detained are part time workers covering the duties of lifting customers’ purchases and arranging store items.

We did not make arrests against employers because all (arrested) part time workers covered the task of lifting goods.

“We have identified this location as a ‘hot spot’ for foreigners. We make it a lift area that is regulated by an officer,” he said.

Wan Saupee added that the ‘collect’ approach was used in the operation this time to ensure effective enforcement in addition to not disturbing the public at the location.

This is one of the approaches used, we don’t call it a raid operation but a collection operation. We enter (the market) then pull out one by one and the results show effective enforcement.

“This method is seen to not harm the members and the public in the market and there is no chase scene,” he said.

When asked what action would be taken against the detained child, Wan Saupee said his side would conduct an investigation first.

“These children will be taken to the KL Immigration Headquarters first for documentation, if there is a record we will take further action,” he said.

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