MHO will reveal the workforce recalibration pass fraud

KUALA LUMPUR – The issue related to fraud in the Workforce Recalibration Program (RTK) which is still prevalent despite various operations carried out by the authorities to help foreign workers be defrauded by syndicates and agents.

The Malaysian International Humanitarian Organization (MHO) will make a disclosure related to the fraud involving agents and several companies who are supposed to help the victims but cheat to make a profit.

According to MHO Secretary General, Datuk Hishamuddin Hashim, so far his party has received hundreds of complaints from victims and is investigating the legitimacy and modus operandi used by the employers and the agents concerned.

“After August 2021, the government through the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) has launched the RTK Workforce Rehabilitation program to solve the problem of processing work permits that were disrupted during the MCO (Movement Control Order).

“The overwhelming response caused the program to continue to RTK 2.0 between January 2023 to December 2023 to help employees who did not have time to register and did not have time to participate in RTK 1.0

“The RTK 1.0 and 2.0 program which is worked on in collaboration between JIM and the Department of Labor (JTK) is actually quite good for the sectors affected by Covid-19 but the fact is that at the same time there are so many fraud issues involving this program,” he told the media.

Hishamuddin said, there are a large number of applicants who have applied but have not been successful in getting this PLKS – RTK because it is suspected that the application through agents and companies did not reach JIM.

“Even though each of these victims paid and followed all the conditions, they did not succeed. It’s even sadder when most of them are afraid to come forward especially to file a police report because their status is invalid.

“So what can they do after being mistreated like this? We are aware that the authorities are always conducting various raids and operations to arrest these masterminds, but this issue seems to have not been resolved. Something more drastic needs to be done.

“MHO through our adviser, Tan Sri Musa Hassan will make a detailed disclosure as well as companies and agents related to this issue by next week,” he said.

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