Many women in Kelantan are willing to ‘contract marriage’ with foreign men?

 We always hear the issue of ‘contract marriage’ in dramas or stories broadcast on TV.  But, it also happens in real life where there are some people who are willing to do so for certain reasons.

What is worrying is that it happened in our own country involving some women in Kelantan who were willing to ‘contract marriage’ with foreign men in order to avoid the stigma of being labeled as andartu in society.

According to media reports, the majority of the women are financially stable. At the same time, they will also offer their future partner some rewards such as monthly allowance, accommodation, vehicle and business opportunities.

Sometimes, the reward is part of the contract marriage where each couple promises to stay married for a certain period of up to five years.

According to immigration data obtained by media, a total of 17,137 long-term social visit pass applications were made by Kelantan residents for foreign spouses in 2022 compared to 17,036 last year.

 What is surprising is that an average of 12 thousand women apply for passports for foreign husbands every year where the majority come from Thailand, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

 That’s not enough, Immigration sources also say that this trend of contract marriage is not a new thing among the Malaysian community.

“In contracts that usually last more than three years, the women are mostly rich widows or old virgins agree to pay foreigners a certain amount every month.”

 “Their new husbands will then be tasked with managing the wife’s business or new opportunities.”

The source added that the woman did so to avoid loneliness while also thinking that Malaysian men prefer to marry younger women.

 There are also some women who are willing to get married because they are tired of being labeled as old virgins while widows want someone as a life partner.

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