Many still don’t know that there are traffic lights using a sensor system

PETALING JAYA – There are still many Malaysians and foreigners in Malaysia who do not know that there are traffic lights in this country that use a sensor system, so it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is on it to allow it to change color.

 The matter is based on a public survey on Bandar Sri Putra Bukit Mahkota Community Facebook after a user known as Badrul Hisham expressed his feelings when some car users did not stop their vehicles on the sensor.

 Based on his narration, he was once scolded by car users when asked to stop the vehicle on the sensor when if he did not do so, the traffic light would not change from red to green.

 “Please, those who use the traffic lights at the CS Simpang supermarket to go to Bangi Wonderland, if the light is red, don’t be afraid to stop a little closer to the line.  That ‘stupidity’ caused others to have to wait the same.

 “Try to be a little closer to the road line. It has a ‘detect’ that black line, then the light will turn green.  If not, wait until the traffic light bruise remains red.

 “I have been hit many times because the car in front stopped not at the traffic light line.  On the other hand, he is distant and reprimands face to face, angry,” he expressed.

 Going to the comment section, many shared the same experience, apart from one Facebook user who questioned Badrul Hisham’s explanation, but it was later corrected by another user who gave a message from the Public Works Department (JKR).

 “Be sure of the sensor line.  It feels like there’s nothing to do with it,” asked a woman and then, a Facebook user known as Saiful Ammar shared JKR’s post about the sensor at the traffic lights.

 Wan Syaiful Azhar said that the sensor cannot detect the presence of motorcycles, so users of other vehicles, including cars, need to be on top of the sensor.

 “If the vehicle waiting in front is a motorcycle, it doesn’t ‘detect’.  Swearing at me until the light turns green twice.  Just make a complaint and throw away the sensor because all the routes are already ‘busy’.  The sensor is useful for roads where there are no cars.  There are always vehicles on these four routes,” he said.

 Facebook user, Aziz Shah left a comment that the sensor will only detect the presence of four motorcycles, as opposed to one motorcycle.

 “The motorcycle hit four on the line, he just ‘detected’.  Naya wants to wait, there are no trees, it’s too hot,” he said.

 Through Facebook CKE JKR Selangor yesterday, the party advised users to be on the sensor ‘loop’ to ensure that the traffic light changes colour.

 “If you want to know, this is called the ‘loop’ sensor.  If there is no vehicle above, the light will be red if the traffic light is set to ‘base on demand’.  Your car must be on the ‘loop’ of the sensor,” said the message.

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