Many Kelantan women marry under contract with foreigners?

Kelantan women who have strong finances, prefer to marry foreign men than to marry Malaysian men of this age to avoid the stigma of society from being an andartu.

In fact, woman’s wealth provides everything to the foreign husband including monthly allowance, accommodation, car and business opportunities.

It is understood that this contract marriage is not something new in the state, in fact most of these women target foreign men who come to Malaysia such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar.

According to the media reports, this is their contractual marriage agreement which means that couple promise to stay married for a certain period or no more than five years.

Through immigration data in 2022, 17,137 applications were made by Kelantan residents for long-term social visit passes for their foreign spouses. Of that number, an average of 12,000 applicants are women applying for passports for foreign husbands.

The Kelantan woman also admitted that most local men prefer to marry younger women than foreign men who don’t mind as long as their partner is financially stable and has the opportunity to stay longer in Malaysia.

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