Many angry foreigners sell corn in front of KLCC

 KUALA LUMPUR: A video showing two foreigners selling grilled corn on the side of the road near KLCC has sparked outrage among social media users.

 The video, posted by @isusemasaviral on the X platform, clearly shows one worker preparing the corn while another roasts it.

Tolong la tangkap dia orang ni. Depan KLCC buat jagung bakar .Dengan asap dengan sampah .DBKL kena buat rondaan setiap malam. Takkan nak kena tunggu orang komplen baru nak buat kerja @DrZalihaMustafa

— ISU SEMASA VIRAL (@isusemasaviral) December 31, 2023

 In the caption of the post, the user of the account asked the authorities including Federal Territories Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa to take action regarding this issue.

 “Please arrest them. They are roasting corn right in front of KLCC and they are releasing so much smoke and waste.

 “DBKL needs to patrol every night. You can’t just wait for people to complain first.”

 With more than 1.2 million views, the post sparked public outrage and frustration, with calls to the relevant authorities to act.

 User @Hazary10 emphasized that social media complaints alone are not enough to bring about any change but require effective enforcement.

 “Don’t make it a focus area around KL like in other countries that allow people to do as they please.

 “Change will not happen if we only complain on social media but enforcement is ineffective,” he added.

 User @amir_afiq also wrote: “Even next to Ampang Park station is littered with illegal businesses operating on footpaths. Those using baby strollers or wheelchairs have to use the road to walk.”

 “They are good at looking for opportunities. They know that this area is frequented by many people. So the opportunity for high sales,” said user @azharirahim.

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