Malaysia to impose new taxes on foreigners

KUALA LUMPUR – The Revenue Board of Malaysia will soon impose taxes on foreigners who carry out business activities in this country.

Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Dr. Abu Tariq Jamaluddin said, not only foreigners but also ‘people who are behind them’ especially those who give them licenses will be taxed.

“The business activities of foreigners are likely to be subject to tax, our side will take action to ensure that they all pay tax if it reaches a level that requires them to pay tax.

“Not only the foreigners but the people behind them, especially the locals who gave them licences, we will make a review so that they comply with the national taxation laws,” he said after holding a Media Engagement Session at the Sunway Putra Hotel here today.

Abu Tariq added, in order to implement the program, his party will go to the field and identify foreigners and the people behind them to explain the proper taxation system.

He said, foreigners who have not reported information about their income need to do so while for those who have reported, further review will be done by Revenue Board.

“We need information to determine the proper amount that will be taxed. With that, we will also be able to identify who is behind them.

“If according to the provisions, there are indeed fines such as penalties that can be imposed on these foreigners,” he explained.

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