Low accommodation rental rates are among the reasons for the dumping of foreigners in Nilai

SEREMBAN: The low rental rate of the premises, including being used as a dormitory by the employer, is one of the factors in the Nilai area, where the focus is on the presence and influx of foreign workers.

 The number of people staying in the Nilai area, even though some of them work in neighboring states, has seen the community in the surrounding area also suffer from the problems and violations of the law committed by the foreigners involved.

The matter was acknowledged by the Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun who also stated that there are employers who also take advantage to the extent that some of these foreign workers live in uncomfortable conditions in the premises involved.

 “They (foreigners) work in neighboring states, live here but do not follow the rules, although we are aware that we have faced problems during the past Covid-19 pandemic, but it is happening again, we have rules for them to live in a residential environment more comfortable but they seem to be forced to live in this situation.

 “It makes Nilai a place for employers to put their workers on the grounds that the rent in Nilai is cheaper compared to neighboring states that are located next to each other. This is one of the factors that for me they take advantage of, the problem is the community around Nilai.

 “So the authorities need to conduct an inspection and indeed there are mistakes, they (employers) also have to follow the regulations set by the government including by the local authorities (PBT). We know some of them have licenses, they are also citizens and can run their business well, but make sure not to break the rules, there are shops that have been operating for a long time but just want to apply for a license when we have run the operation,” he told reporters

Aminuddin who is the Chairman of the State Security Working Committee (JKKN) said this to reporters after he went to the field to participate in an integrated operation involving Negeri Sembilan’s security and enforcement agencies in Nilai, last night.

Meanwhile, he said the operation known as Op Sabong was carried out after the issue of dumping of foreigners in the state, particularly in the Seremban and Nilai areas.

 “Op Sabung is a form of integrated operational plan for all security and enforcement agencies including local authorities to deal with any security and public order issues, especially hot spots that have been identified in the Seremban and Nilai districts.

 “This operation is not limited and tied to issues related to foreigners only but also focuses on other matters involving violations of laws, acts, regulations and enactments such as crime, embezzlement, smuggling, misuse of permits and licenses and drug abuse,” he said.

 Aminuddin said, Op Sabung lasted for six days starting on October 24, involving a total of 350 officers and members from 10 departments and security and enforcement agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police, the First Malaysian Infantry Brigade, the Malaysian Immigration Department, the Royal Malaysian Customs Department and the Council Seremban City.

 “As of 6pm yesterday (October 28, 2023), Op Sabong has successfully carried out 17 integrated operations with more than 1,000 foreigners checked and 185 arrests made for various offenses under the Immigration Act.

 “A total of 254 premises were inspected and five premises were confiscated while a total of 388 compounds and summons were issued for various offences. Also through this Op Sabong, a total of 600 bottles and cans of beer and 51 packets of cigarettes of various brands that were smuggled and suspected of avoiding customs duty as well as 10 packets of syabu and 16 packets of heroin were confiscated.

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