Love story of a local girl with a foreign worker

PEOPLE say that marriage is written in every one’s fate and has been determined since a person was not born into this world yet.

That’s how Shima (not her real name) views her love story with a foreigner from Bangladesh who works at the factory where she works.

Wanting the man to be known only as ‘Bayya’, Shima said she was attracted to the personality of the man in his late 20s.

They started getting to know each other when Shima was assigned to guide the foreign workers throughout their stay at the factory.

Bayya’s nature of being hardworking, praying, responsible and good at making jokes makes him very popular.

According to Shima, Bayya’s look like international actor Shah Rukh Khan in the era of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai added to the man’s charisma.

“Everyone at work likes Bayya very much. He is hardworking, kind, responsible and always a prayer leader for the workers here.

“It looks like Shah Rukh Khan in the 90s. So many people like to tease him with that title,” she told Naveed e Seher .

Shima said that their relationship became close after Bayya often consulted her about the culture and traditional customs of Malaysia.

Shima admitted that she was not clumsy in guiding Bayya because she was also used to making friends with other nations since her school days.

However, the feeling of love comes slowly and without realizing it, she has started playing love words with the man and he loves her too.

“Bayya doesn’t make itchy sentences like most men, but he knows how to take heart and show love through his actions.

“As time went on our romance grew stronger and I was intoxicated with his love. We often exchange messages on cell phones.

“However, we do not show love like others,” she said.

She told Naveed e Seher that their relationship had to be kept secret because she did not want Bayya to be accused of trying to take advantage of her. She requested to use fictitious names for both of them.

Shima is also worried if their romance could affect Bayya’s position as a Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) holder. This is because, in November last year, the Malaysian Immigration Department has determined that foreign workers who marry local citizens will be deported.

To make matters worse, Bayya also actually had a wife in Bangladesh whom he married a few months before coming to Malaysia.

“Bayya never lied about her marital status. He once told me that they got married based on the request of the family only.

“Even though he admits he doesn’t love his wife, he still sends alimony every month. Bayya said, only I am his true love.”

Shima is also worried because Bayya’s five-year work permit will expire in just a few months.

Shima admits to feeling a dilemma because she doesn’t know how to ensure that their relationship can reach the stage of the throne.

“I love him too much, I don’t know how to live my life without him,” She said.

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