Last night, as many as 8 officers from the Department of Health and Environment (JKAS) carried out Anti-Litter Ops around Desa Sri Hartamas area.

The goal of the operation is to ensure the premises owners and the public keep the environment clean, not to put barriers on footpaths and drains that can prevent cleaning works from being carried out and to dispose of garbage everywhere.

As a result of this operation, a total of 12 compounds have been issued i.e., 5 compounds under Section 46(1)(d) which is laying, causing the placing of goods in connection with Trade Business in public places. 6 compound under Section 47(1)(a) due to laying, throwing, correcting, causing, laying, disposing of dust, paper, ash, carcass, box waste, sack bins, other breakfast garbage in public places and 1 compound under Section 47 (1)(d) due to dumping feces into public drainage.




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