JPJ OPERASI, Issue summons to foreigners driving without valid licence

 Continuation of the news published in Utusan Malaysia regarding the Rohingya village in the Masjid Tinggi area as well as complaints from residents of Bagan Serai regarding the presence of foreigners or Rohingya riding motorcycles without a license.

 In response to complaints and the interest of the general public, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) Perak has acted to carry out an inspection operation that has been carried out specifically for foreign motorcyclists and drivers.

 As a result of the Ops, a summons has been issued including confiscating the vehicle.

 Thank you to all the residents of JPJ Perak who have paid special attention to the complaints and complaints of local residents.

 For Kerian citizens, especially residents of Bagan Serai, if it is found that there are still foreigners or UNCHR card holders using vehicles without a license, they are expected to make a complaint directly to the JPJ Perak hotline number.

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