It is our responsibility to respect the laws of this country

TAPAH: Foreign nationals who have been staying for a long time and working with valid permits want to live a normal life routine despite being affected by the incident of 131 detainees at the Bidor Temporary Immigration Depot escaping last Thursday.

A foreign worker from Bangladesh known as Kader, 32, said he found out about the incident of the detainees escaping from the depot on Naveed e Seher website.

He said, the actions of depot detainees who are also Illegal Immigrants (PATI) doing so are wrong and against the law in this country.

“This incident has an impact on those of us who earn a living here… we want to continue our daily lives because I have a valid permit to work in this country.

“If you want to work and earn a living in this country, you have to follow the legal channels so that you can work safely without fear,” he said when met at the bus stop located about three kilometers from the depot.

Every weekend became the routine of his life who also worked as a factory worker went to Tapah town to buy food supplies.

He who is married and has been working for 12 years in this country said, there are many job opportunities in this country that can be a source of sustenance and can even be shared with family in the home country.

He said, all countries have their own laws and it is our responsibility as employees to obey and respect the laws in this country.

A foreign worker also from Bangladesh known as Somu, 30, said he has been living and working in this country for eight years.

He said that since living and working in this country he has never faced a problem involving the laws of the country.

“I came to Malaysia looking for sustenance for my future and for my family who also need expenses to continue living.

“Besides having many job opportunities here, the people in this country also live with mutual respect and even make us as foreign workers able to live and work successfully,” he said.

As of last night, Perak Police Chief, Datuk Seri Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri said in a statement that a total of 39 PATIs who escaped from the depot had been arrested and taken to the Tapah District Police Headquarters (IPD) for further action and investigation.

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