Is there any punishment for public transport drivers if they carry illegal foreigners?

In a viral media on social media, it is said that public transport drivers will be subject to action if they are found to be carrying foreigners without a permit.

 The matter was allegedly issued by the Immigration Department through a notice.

 If caught, the driver involved can be jailed for 12 months and fined RM35,000.

 A check by Biar Betul team found that the notice spread on social media was false.

 According to the Immigration Department, no such notice has been issued.

 Actions will also not be imposed on public transport drivers who carry PATI since they do not have the authority to check the status of foreigner’s documents.

 However, the department involved will not compromise with any party that tries to protect PATI.

 Stop spreading false information, there is no need to cause irritation.

 Spreading fake news is a crime.

 Receive defamatory material or incorrect information, immediately report to MCMC.

 ‘For real!  Not Sure, Don’t Share’.

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