The Penang City Council through the Licensing Department and the Enforcement Department today carried out an integrated operation with the Penang Malaysian Immigration Department to crack down on business activities carried out by foreigners around the Northeast District, George Town.

 In today’s integrated operation, one roti canai and beverage stall, one roti canai stall and one beverage stall were inspected and found that a total of four foreigners (Indians) had violated the conditions of approval of their Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS) by working in food premises and running a food business. The four foreigners (Indians) were detained by the Malaysian Immigration Department, Penang.

 At that location, the Licensing Department assisted by members of the Enforcement Department confiscated stalls and business equipment at two (2) stalls involved.

 While in another location, based on the intelligence of the Licensing Department officers, a tomyam stall was inspected and found that the entrepreneurs and foreign workers (Thai) were not in the premises. All the business equipment of the tomyam stall has been confiscated.

 The Penang City Council advises local residents not to rent business premises to foreigners who do not have approval to run a food business. Local food premises operators are also reminded not to employ foreign workers who do not have Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) approval to work in food premises.

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