Implementation of the Queuing System (QMS)

 What is a Queuing System (QMS)?

 Queuing System (QMS) is a smartphone application that gives you queue numbers easily and efficiently.

 What are the benefits of using this QMS system?

 1️⃣ No need to wait long: 

With this application, you will get a queue number without having to wait in a long line. Save time and plan your schedule better.

 2️⃣ Smooth coordination: 

The QMS system ensures an orderly and smooth service process in our office. You will be called at the appointed time, providing complete convenience.

 3️⃣ Convenience and efficiency: 

By using this smartphone application, you can manage affairs easily and efficiently, allowing us to provide better service.

 How to access the QMS system?

 It’s very easy! You just need to download the Queuing System (QMS) application available in your smartphone either on the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Select the relevant Immigration office, branch and get your queue number with one touch!

 Make sure you download this app and get ready for a better experience at the Malaysian Immigration Department.

 Thank you for your support and cooperation! We are confident that this new Queuing System (QMS) will provide the best quality of service for the people.


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