The Kedah Immigration Department (JIMNK) has raided a night market called “Mini Dhaka” in an OPS JAJA operation. The operation was conducted by the Complaints, Intelligence & Operations Unit of the Enforcement Division of JIMNK at Paya Serdang Night Market. With a strength of 25 Immigration Officers of various ranks, the inspection was conducted on 30 women and men consisting of Malaysian citizens and foreign nationals.

The raid was carried out based on a complaint that was transmitted through the Tiktok social media platform by the owner of the “Kulim Media TV” account which was uploaded on January 14, 2024 with the caption “Like a Mini Dhaka Night Market”. The 4.35-minute long video has received 52,200 views.

This night market is the focus of foreigners, the majority of whom work in the Kulim industrial area. It is estimated that around 100,000 foreigners work and live in this area.

After work hours, these foreigners will visit the night market to buy daily necessities. Most of the foreigners who have been checked have valid passports and there are a few foreigners who make a side income to earn more money, these people are employed by irresponsible Malaysian individuals.

The Malaysian Immigration Department (Kedah) will not compromise on foreigners who misuse their passports or work permits by doing business activities including at the night market. According to section 55 B of the Immigration Act 1959/63, that is to employ one or more people other than citizens or entry permit holders who do not have a valid passport, if found guilty, the individual can be fined not less than Rm10,000, imprisoned not more than 12 month or both.

We need cooperation from all parties such as the Kulim Bandar Baru Municipal Council, the Kulim High Tech Park Council and the Malaysian Immigration Department in dealing with licensing problems and the issue of the influx of foreigners who do not have valid passports or permits.

The Recalibration Program (RTK 2.0) and the existence of new factories in this industrial area are also the main factors in the increase of foreigners in this area.

Based on monitoring around the night market area, JIMNK’s Enforcement Division has identified three (03) sales stalls suspected of employing foreign workers.

The result of the inspection found that a total of two (02) Indian men, two (02) Myanmar men and one (01) Bangladeshi man failed to present any travel documents during the inspection and were detained because they were believed to have violated the provisions under Sec.6(1) )(c) and Sec.15(1)(c) Immigration Act 1959/63.

All detained foreigners have been brought back to the Enforcement Division, Alor Setar Kedah Immigration Office. Next placed at Belantik Immigration Detention Depot, Sik Kedah for investigation and further action.

JIMNK will always be concerned with complaints and information provided by the public and will not compromise at all against foreigners who live illegally, misuse passports and engage in immoral activities in this country.

Strict action will also be taken against any party that employs or protects illegal immigrants (PATI).

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