Immigration raid on groups of prostitutes

The Malaysian Immigration Department exposed the activities of illegally bringing women for the purpose of prostitution. 30 foreigners were arrested near the Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Border Complex (ICQS) here on Wednesday.

Kedah JIM director Mohd Ridzzuan Mohd Zain said, all foreigners were arrested in a special operation at 12.30pm. They were riding in 10 vehicles including pickups and motorcycles.

He said, as a result of the inspection in all the vehicles involved, it was found that some of the foreigners did not have valid stamps on their passports and border passes to enter the country.

Those arrested consisted of 29 Thai nationals and one Cambodian national.

Prostitution activities… immoral activities usually related to prostitution… in Thailand we call them ‘puying’ (prostitutes)… girls work in massage parlors, in night clubs, in entertainment centers…

The government tightens the entry of women aged under 35, aimed at curbing immoral activities,” he said.

He said that after the documentation process was done, 13 of the foreigners including five drivers, were then sent home because they did not meet the entry requirements.

However, another 17 Thai nationals consisting of 12 women aged between 22 to 55 years old and five men suspected of being transporters aged 20 to 40 years old were detained for further investigation.

Mohd Ridzzuan said that when foreigners were detained, they gave various reasons including wanting to find a way to return to Thailand and wanting to find an inquiry counter there.

However, they were arrested after they violated the conditions and regulations set by JIM.

He said that the investigation was carried out in accordance with Section 6(1)(c) of the 1955 Act for not having a valid passport issued to enter Malaysia. Common offenses found during the inspection such as no passport and no entry stamp.

“Apart from that, a comprehensive investigation is also carried out in accordance with Section 8(3) of Act 155 – that is, prohibited immigrants such as criminals, prostitutes, extremists, terrorists, beggars, lunatics and so on,” he said.

Mohd Ridzzuan said that his party is still conducting further investigations into this case as this case is quite unique. It is an attempt to enter the country without a passport stamp or border pass despite having the document.

We are also investigating whether there is a possibility of a syndicate or otherwise and the involvement of internal officials in this case, he said.

He said that a police report has been made regarding the 17 arrests and they will be remanded for at least 14 days for further investigation.

Strict action will be taken if any party is found to have committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966, the Immigration Regulations 1963 and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Migrant Smuggling Act 2007 (ATIPSOM).

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