The Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) has conducted an Ops Gegar and Ops Dandan operation on 7 January 2024 in 7 locations around Johor Bahru, Johor.  The operation started at around 3.20pm involving a team of officers and members of the Special Tactical Team (PASTAK) of various ranks from the Intelligence and Special Operations Division, Immigration Headquarters Putrajaya and a team of officers from the Enforcement Division of the Malaysian Immigration Department in the State of Johor.

 Based on the information obtained, the operation team was arranged to move to the premises and arrested 14 Indonesian citizens consisting of 13 women and one man, 16 Vietnamese women, one Filipino man, 34 Myanmar citizens consisting of 24 men and  10 women and one man are Pakistani citizens.  All of them are between 19 and 42 years old.  A Malaysian man and a Vietnamese woman aged 51 and 32 who are believed to be caretakers of the premises were also arrested.  A total of 68 people have been arrested.

 The results of the preliminary review found that these foreign nationals use the facilities of Social Visit Pass (PLS) and Temporary Work Visit Pass (PLKS) owned to work with other employers or companies in this country.  While there are other foreign nationals who do not have any valid travel documents or passports to be in this country.

 The operation team confiscated a set of keys to the premises, 6 copies of Vietnamese passports, 19 sheets of towels, 7 sets of massage equipment, 2 sets of nail care equipment, a Samsung brand smartphone, some customer record books and cash amounting to RM844.00.

 These premises are believed to have been operating for more than 1 year and are capable of generating an income of around RM140,000.00 per day and can reach RM4.2 million per month.  Foreign nationals working in these premises have been paid a salary of between RM1500.00 to RM2000.00 per month by the employer.

 All foreign nationals were arrested on suspicion of having committed an offense under the Immigration Act 1959/63, the Passport Act 1966 and the Immigration Regulations 1963 and were held at the Setia Tropika Immigration Depot, Johor.  While a Malaysian man was arrested on suspicion of committing an offense under Sec.56(1)(d) of the Immigration Act 1959/63.  A Vietnamese woman was arrested on suspicion of committing an offense under Sec.55B of the Immigration Act 1959/63, Section 12(1)(f) of the Passport Act 1966 and Regulation 39(b), Immigration Regulations 1963. A total of 13 Notices were presented to the office  issued to individuals in the operation to assist the investigation.

 This department will not compromise with any foreign national who misuses the Passport and the facilities that have been given.  Prosecution actions will be imposed against employers and premises owners who employ foreign nationals without valid travel documents and passports.  The department also advises employers to hire foreign nationals to work in the country through legal channels.  This department will always intensify enforcement operations from time to time in combating Illegal Immigrants (PATI) in this country.




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