Illegal settlements of PATI have suraus, grocery stores are raided

SHAH ALAM: Grocery stores, stalls other than suraus and public toilets were among the facilities found during a raid at the location of a foreigner settlement hiding behind an abandoned oil palm plantation near Setia Alam here on Sunday.

The settlement in question, which is inhabited by more than 300 foreigners, is believed to have been in existence for the past four years and is understood to be rented at an estimated cost of RM6,000 per month.

The operation found that the settlement was also equipped with electricity facilities in addition to water supply.

In addition, this settlement is also equipped with a fence made of zinc and wood believed to avoid detection by the authorities.

It is understood that this location has caused local residents to feel uncomfortable for the past few years due to the increasing presence of foreigners in the area.

Immigration officers carried out inspections at several residential units occupied by foreigners in an abandoned palm oil plantation area in Setia Alam near here in a raid on Sunday.

The settlement also has a village head appointed from among those who reside here.

The Deputy DG Immigration, Jafri Embok Taha said, the raid was carried out from about 2:30 am to 5 am involving the settlement located on the estimated 0.6 hectares of land.

He said, the operation involved a total of 220 officers and members. It was also assisted by several agencies including the General Operations Team (PGA) of the National Registration Department (JPN), the Malaysian Civil Defense Force (APM) and the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA).

The inspection involved 156 foreigners, out of which a total of 132 illegal immigrants (PATI) were detained involving those between the ages of nine months to 60 years.

“The detained PATI consists of 78 men, 41 women and 13 children,” he said.

He said this in a press conference at the location of the raid here on Sunday.

He said, foreigners living in this settlement are believed to be working in the surrounding area.

These foreigners work as cleaners, construction workers and restaurant workers. We believe they live here due to the location of their workplaces around this area.

“Among the offenses identified are no identity documents, overstaying, and other offenses that violate the Immigration Act 1959/63,” he said.

According to him, all the detainees were taken to the Selangor Malaysia Immigration Department’s Enforcement Division for document screening.

“All those detained will be screened through the immigration system for document and passport review before the arrest process is finalised.

“After completing this process, a police report will be made for their arrest and detention under Section 51 (5)(b) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 (Act 155),” he said.

Jafri said, this raid is one of a series of operations carried out before.

“This operation will be carried out continuously based on complaints received and registered to detect, arrest, prosecute and deport foreigners who violate the provisions of the law.

“People who have information about PATI can pass it on to the Malaysian Immigration Department for further action to be taken,” he said.

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