Hide the wife behind the door to avoid being caught by immigration

MARAN – An Indonesian man’s trick of trying to fool immigration enforcement by pretending his wife had run away turned out to be a failure when the woman was found hiding behind the door of their room.

Director of the Pahang Immigration Department, Muhammad Hatta Kassim, said the couple were among the foreigners arrested in a raid by the Pahang JIM. Operation was focussed on plantation worker settlements around Jengka and Jerantut early this morning.

According to him, the result of further inspection found that the two couples did not have any valid passports to stay in this country.

All suspects were arrested in a raid conducted between 1.10am and 4.55am by 17 officers,

A total of 26 foreigners were examined and of that number 22 people were arrested for various offenses according to the Immigration Act 1959/63 and the Immigration Regulations 1963. The arrests consisted of 14 Indonesians, seven Myanmar nationals and one Thai, he said in a statement today.

All those arrested were between 16 and 50 years old and taken to the Kemayan Immigration Detention Depot, Bera for further investigation.

The owner of the house and farm involved will be tracked down to help with the investigation.

JIM Pahang calls on the public to come forward and channel information related to the presence of illegal aliens (PATI) in their respective localities.

Muhammad Hatta said that decisive action will be taken against PATI and any party that protects them in this state.

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