Frustrated by delays, foreign workers caught up in quota fraud seek legal help

A group of 97 foreign workers used legal aid services to uphold their rights against the issue of non-payment at the Bangi Labor Department.

The former employee of Aecor Innovation Sdn Bhd was among those caught up in the quota fraud scandal revealed by Naveed e Seher earlier.

Last week the Department of Manpower – despite being notified in advance – failed to inform them of the absence of their former employer which prevented the proceedings of the case from continuing.

A worker who didn’t allow Naveed e Seher to reveal his name told us that they are grateful their current employer allowed them to take leave and provide transportation from Shah Alam to the labor office in Bangi.

But the repeated absences of employer Ng Yeen Seen (pictured, above) have put their claim on hold.

The workers said their anxiety grew with each visit to the Department of Labor office as they eagerly awaited the verdict.

“If the Department of Manpower informs us earlier, we don’t have to take leave.

“We feel we have a better chance of getting our claim in full and faster if we have a lawyer representing us,” said one worker who insisted that their latest futile trip on Jan 16 could have been avoided.

In response to a review from Naveed e Seher, the Department of Labor claimed to have no contact with employees who do not have email addresses.

However, Naveed e Seher saw an email dated Dec 4, 2023, sent to an employee’s email address informing them of the hearing scheduled for Jan 2, 2024.

The worker insists the labor officer has their email address and phone number.

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