Freeze the hiring of foreign workers

Madani GOVERNMENT is asked to take drastic measures to combat the exploitative activities of irresponsible foreign worker agents.

Freezing the hiring of foreign workers can block the dumping of foreign workers from the country in question, which has been seen to be more significant since the border gates were reopened after the pandemic.

The total population of Bangladesh is almost five times the population of Malaysia.

It is feared that the widespread actions of Bangladeshi-owned agent companies bringing in their compatriots so that they can start a new life in Malaysia will change the demographic structure of the existing race with the people of the country outnumbering the ethnic Chinese and Indians.

Although they have the status of foreign workers when they first come to Malaysia, that is not a guarantee that they will return to their country.

There are no fewer who reside in this country legally or as illegal immigrants (PATI). These foreigners can easily settle directly in the country and do business after marrying a local woman.

There have been many mass media reports about the actions of Bangladeshi foreigners abusing Temporary Work Visit Passes (PLKS) to control businesses in the country, including cultivating agricultural land themselves.

This should not happen because the purpose of hiring foreign workers is to work with local employers, especially in the 3D sector.

It is very regrettable that foreigners easily play with the rules and laws of our country for the sake of their survival.

Foreign workers brought in by fraudulent means should be immediately sent back to their countries of origin. Relocating 500,000 unemployed foreigners in the national employment sector is an injustice to Malaysian job seekers.

In addition, the business license of agent companies masterminded by foreigners should be canceled immediately.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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