Foreigners escaped in Bidor, no mastermind involved so far

KUALA LUMPUR: The Immigration Department has so far not detected the involvement of a mastermind in the incident of 131 foreigners escaping from the Bidor Temporary Immigration Depot, Perak on February 1, DG Immigration Datuk Ruslin Jusoh.

However, he said, further investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“JIM no longer sees any mastermind involvement in the case but the investigation is still underway,” he said after being an invited guest on Bernama TV’s ‘Apa Khabar Malaysia’ program today.

Ruslin said, in completing the investigation of the incident, the Immigration Department also interviewed several detainees who were in the immigration depot.

He said, his party expects the investigation paper of the incident to be ready by the end of this month.

He said that apart from the Immigration Department, investigations were also carried out by other agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the Integrity Commission of Enforcement Agencies and the Office of the Chief Security Officer of the Government of Malaysia.

“Currently the Immigration Department has 18 permanent depots and two temporary depots in Bidor and Beranang, Selangor with the department’s assessment showing that the security situation at the temporary depot in Beranang is under control,” he said.

Ruslin said, as soon as the investigation papers are completed, his party will examine the recommended matters and submit them to the Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN) for further action.

Asked about efforts to find some of the foreign immigrants who are still free, he said, the search radius has now been expanded to 15 kilometers.

“In other words, the Immigration Department has not stopped the search and the operation room is still open. I am sure these people (foreigners) cannot hide and survive in the forest for long.

“Soon they will come out and ask for food from the villagers,” he said.

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