Foreigners celebrate Chinese new year in ‘Mini Dhaka’

KUALA LUMPUR: The ‘Mini Dhaka’ located at Jalan Silang and Lebuh Pudu here is lively again. It is the focus of foreigners to spend the Chinese New Year public holiday.

The survey starting at 11 am found that every niche in this area was crowded and filled with foreigners believed to be from Bangladesh.

In addition, there are a few foreigners who do not take care of cleanliness by throwing garbage everywhere.

These foreigners also break the law by running businesses such as selling betel nuts, dried fish, sweets and cigarettes on the sidewalk.

In addition, some of them also sell prepaid cards and ask for alms from visitors who pass through this area.

Meanwhile, construction labourer, Hoesin Md Imun, 25 from Bangladesh said, this Chinese New Year holiday is a day for him to see his friends.

“I took three days off to see my three other friends here. They work in Klang.

“Jalan Silang was chosen as the meeting location because we all know this area,” he said who lives in Kajang.

He who has been working in Malaysia for five years, however, did not know that the area had been raided by the authorities recently.

Another foreigner from Bangladesh, Nabin Biblop, 25, also stated that this Chinese New Year holiday is an opportunity to explore the capital.

He who has just worked for two months as a construction laborer in Malaysia said, he visited Jalan Silang to shop.

“The Chinese New Year holiday is also a time for me to meet my compatriots,” he said who lives in Segambut.

On December 21 last year, the area was raided on a large scale by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

The operation involved 60 premises in this area and around the Kota Raya Complex being inspected and 1,101 foreigners detained for inspection.

Reportedly, the operation was carried out after the authorities received complaints from the public that they were uncomfortable when visiting the country’s main destination because the area was ‘dominated’ by foreigners to the point where some became ‘big headed’.

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