Foreign traders like to sell roasted corn in front of KLCC

KUALA LUMPUR – Foreign traders are not cool and are still selling roasted corn in front of KLCC even though action has been taken before.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) through an update on Facebook informed that it has once again raided the location after the activities involved were detected back in operation.

DBKL took confiscation action against the sale items as well as the equipment used to roast corn in the operation.

Continuous actions and periodic monitoring will be carried out around the areas through a series of special operations. It was planned in the meeting of Parliament.

It had previously gone viral on social media last July after members of the public were unhappy with the activity of burning to the point of emitting smoke in front of the iconic building which has become a tourist attraction.

Following that, DBKL implemented special measures against foreign hawkers who do business without a license under Bylaw 3(1) Hawker Licensing (WPKL) 2016 and Section 47(1)(a), Roads, Drains and Buildings Act 1974.

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