Foreign tourists admit not to shower for 3 whole days in Malaysia

In a viral video on social media platforms, the experience of a foreign couple traveling to Malaysia has sparked controversy among netizens.

A video posted on TikTok by content creators Claire and Peter documents their journey from Penang to Langkawi, but the way they practice cleanliness has caught the attention of viewers.


excited to check out langkawi!!!!!!!

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The couple admitted that they did not shower for three days in a row during their stay in Penang while complaining about the yellow color of the water in the hotel as the reason behind their drastic decision.

Despite admitting they were sweating in the hot and humid weather, they chose not to shower and managed to catch a bus and ferry to Langkawi, where they continued their activities visiting tourist spots and even stopped eating at fast food restaurants.

The reposting of the video on social media platform X by user @sicklepissy sparked a storm of criticism and condemnation from netizens who found the couple’s behavior disgusting.

@sicklepissy also criticized the actions of the couple while criticizing most of the local people who always idolize the mat salleh couple because ‘their body odor is more fragrant than Bangla.’

Furthermore, @sicklepissy and social media users also gave the couple alternatives, such as buying bottled water for bathing or finding alternative accommodation with better water quality.

The couple’s decision to lie in bed without showering for three days upon arriving in Langkawi further highlighted their filthy attitude.

It is understood that the TikTok video which received millions of views, with the majority of viewers being Malaysians, was uploaded last year.

Despite the controversy surrounding their hygiene practices, Claire and Peter enjoyed their time in Malaysia, creating several videos throughout their visit in the country.

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